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Tender Things

photo by Wolfgang Stearns

spots on a fawn
the smell of a burning campfire
bees on orange clover
a coyote call at dusk
random lines of Neruda
the way my babies looked while sleeping
drops of rain against the evening sun
cups of steaming coffee
warm blankets and cool nights
iridescent feathers
summer storms in the distance
handwritten letters
fading roses
memories of your long, grey braid

Summer Love

strawberries and cookbook
photo by Sylvia

garden tomatoes
early morning mist on the river
vintage books from the flea market
swiss chard with red wine vinegar
midnight talks on the balcony
glenn campbell, eric clapton and blackfoot
hard lemonade
the pup in the car with an open window
this book: A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life, by Mary Randolph Carter
dave brubeck, a cigarette and the blowing wind

Beautiful Blue Things

blue hydrangea
photo by Guinevere Stearns

a blue moon
blue-violet hydrangeas
the blue hour of day
indigo buntings and bright jays
the word “cerulean”
dewy summer blueberries
tiny robin eggs
glimmering saphires and aquamarines
delicate bluebells and forget-me-nots
antique blue and white china
translucent butterfly wings
worn denim
cobolt glass bottles
silver bracelets with turquois stones
blue velvet
a cloudless sky in july


best of doobies
photo by Sylvia

strawberry and mango popsicles
blue herons in the early morning and small hawks in the afternoon
this book: A Three Dog Life, by Abigail Thomas
cedar waxwings in the berry bushes
this song: Take Me in your Arms by the Doobie Brothers
the juice of swiss chard, cucumber, mint and apples
fairy lights in mason jars at night

jar w lights
photo by Sylvia