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Old Things That I Like: 2

old car blwh
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

cars from the 1930’s and 40’s
bottles filled with buttons
objects found in abandoned buildings
jelly jars as glasses
lockets with locks of hair
stamps on yellowed envelopes
chipped pitchers holding fragrant lilacs
photos in cigar boxes
rolodex rotary files
steamer trunks with hand lettering
thick, tall maples
bibles with scribbled family trees
barns on the pennsylvania countryside

photo by Sylvia

Favorite Things

blue rice lake
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

coffee in the morning
summer sunrise
the blue hour of dusk
fireball cinnamon whiskey
acoustic Spanish guitar
finding pressed flowers in old books
the moment before falling asleep
this book of poetry: The Art of Drowning, by Billy Collins
blue bandanas
cool quartz crystals in my hands
this Irish folk song: Mrs. McGrath, early 1800’s
watching hawks fly
lillies of the valley in a tiny vase
the sound of my kids laughing