My thoughts in the middle of the night

photo by Sylvia

i think of the lantern flies hibernating in the winter
(their beauty and their destructiveness)

i think about the sculptural tree fungus
(some fungus is good and some is harmful)

i grieve the space dog, Laika
(why, why, why did they have to send her into space?)

my lost heart locket haunts me, 50 years later
(if i bought another, would it heal the longing?)

maybe some tea would be good right now
(lemon ginger or peppermint?)

19 thoughts on “My thoughts in the middle of the night”

  1. There is a short documentary on YouTube about the Soviet/Russian space program. They short cut on everything. So what happened to Laika is what they did/do with their own cosmonauts. Why we ever let them participate on ISS is beyond me.

    “Earl Grey, hot” the drink of Captain Picard on Star Trek:TNG.

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