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The Things I Want to Remember

photo by Sylvia

i want to remember the way the light was filtered by the reeds that day we walked along the brick-lined streets and the warmth of a well-loved dog, her smell and her kisses and her wagging tail and the sound of the crunching leaves under my old boots and the rain that fell on our heads as we knelt to watch the vole burrow deeply under a sodden log

photo by Sylvia
photo by Sylvia


Crows in the Snow

juliet with snow and trees
photo by Sylvia

in the blue light of dawn, the snow fell silently on branches,
the crows called to one another
and to me–
after watching them from the window with warm coffee in my hands and hopefulness in my heart,
the pup and i joined their play, like restless children after a long sickness, the cold and the drifting snow saturating us with reckless abandon

crows in the snow
photo by Sylvia


juliet on bed
photo by Sylvia

chocolate with coffee
balsam candles in perpetual burn
new books and old books
(new: The Moth Presents: All These Wonders
old: Daily Rituals by Mason Currey)
fresh calendars ready to use
brown bread with pecans and raisins
this show: Parks and Recreation
visiting with friends on cold winter nights
naps in the afternoon sun