Hours of the Night as Book Chapters

photo by Sylvia

Chapter 1:00— A Velvet Night Seeps Through the Cracked Window

Chapter 2:00— The Dog Dreams of Chasing Rabbits 

Chapter 3:00— Awakening— Is it Morning?
(alternate title: Please, Let it Be Morning)

Chapter 4:00— Is the Appointment Today or Next Monday?
(alternate title: A Shopping List)
(alternate title: Scheduling a Car Inspection)
(alternate title: Childhood)
(alternate title: Why Would She Say That?)
(alternate title: Where Did I Put That Gift Card?)

Chapter 4:30— The Dog Goes Outside—
The Deer are Surprised, Quietly Resentful, Finally Resigned

Chapter 5:00— Hot Tea, Honey a Blanket and a Book

Chapter 6:00— Morning Coffee and Toast

Chapter 7:00— The Blue Light of Daybreak, Finally
(alternate title: Where is my Camera?)
(alternate title: The Deer are Outraged Again)

photo by Sylvia

29 thoughts on “Hours of the Night as Book Chapters”

      1. Yeah, it hard to laugh at early morning insomnia. But good! I get up and read for a while. I’ve also discovered that the gummy called Calm with magnesium puts me back to sleep. I get up, take one, and normally head back into La La land.

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  1. Hmmm … everything after midnight??? 😉

    The hours listed here are UFO hours, when you likely be visited by aliens or see a UFO . 🛸🛸🛸

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