Excerpt from this book: The Wisdom of Wolves

In the end, the only virtue that wolves need from us is honesty—regarding them, regarding us, and regarding our shared past. Only by seeing them as they are, as neither demon nor deity but as creatures worthy of our admiration, will we find tolerance with our own human character.

Excerpt from the book: The Wisdom of Wolves, Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack by Jim & Jamie Dutcher, 2018


17 thoughts on “Excerpt from this book: The Wisdom of Wolves”

  1. A bit of a coincidence …

    There’s been quasi-controversy here in Colorado with a planned re-introduction of wolves soon to start in a few weeks. There have some sightings of wolves in the state but they have traveled down down from Wyoming, from the population re-introduced in Yellowstone NP. (That would be quite a trip.)

    Some of the opposition comes from cattle interests, which is not surprising. Amanda, our neighbor who is a cattle rancher too, said those opposing the re-introduction aren’t terribly good ranchers. You don’t leave your cattle to graze the summer away. You have to check on them as a matter of routine, wolves or not. One of the reasons the deer and elk populations are out of skew in Colorado is the lack of natural predators, mountain lions (low population) and wolves (none).


  2. Is there anything more satisfying than watching a pack of wolves behave in the way that they do? They’re honest, fierce, loyal, and so much more. I can’t wait to read the rest of the book, and see what else the sawtooth pack has to offer.


  3. I’ve gone to sleep listening to the wolves howl in Alaska while backpacking, Sylvia. Magical. And hiking down a trail by myself, coming on their large tracks. Made me a little nervous. Grin.


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