18 thoughts on “Summer”

  1. Such nostalgic joy your vignette brings! I haven’t seen such a Blue Jay feather in decades. We don’t have Blue Jays where I live, but do enjoy Stellar’s Jays, Pinyon Jays, Gray Jays, and Scrub Jays.


    1. They are very beautiful but they are the bullies of my back yard forest. They swoop into trees and make the sparrows and the finches fly quickly away. Only the lone hawk puts them in their place. I find the dusty blue of your jays to be dreamy and lovely. I wonder if they are as aggressive as the blue jays here in Pennsylvania?

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      1. Blue Jays do bully, sadly. Stellar’s Jays are part black and part blue, with dark iridescence throughout. They chide me when I walk mountain paths. But none of our western jays are as aggressive as the Blue, unless you count the Magpie.

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