16 thoughts on “On a Walk”

    1. So here’s what I did: I stopped among a huge pile and picked out the prickliest one with the little stem that I could find. Then I carried it in my hand for a mile. When I got to my car, I placed it between my hood and my windshield and thought, “I am absolutely NOT going to forget to put this in the car”. I put the dog in the car seat, took my sweater off, walked around to the drivers seat and drove off. When I got to the little convenience store down the road from my house, I remembered the seed pod and my heart dropped. But there it was, exactly where I had left it. So….. 1. My memory is shot 2. The seedpod was stubborn 3. I care way too much about such things

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      1. A great story Sylvia. I too care about silly little things too.
        1 The resilience of the power of seeds is strong and they became attached to your caring. ❤
        2 I can’t remember what else I was going to write 🤪


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