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Coping Mechanisms and/or Being Genuine on Social Media

photo by Sylvia
photo by Sylvia

Sitting by the lake and talking with some friends last week, the subject of facebook and instagram came up. Heated comments were made about the unrealistic bar of happiness that some choose to portray on social media sites. I’ve read the same comments around the blog world regarding blogs. The story in particular that got me thinking was of a woman who consistently posts photos of her family with all sorts of declarations of blissful, marital love and in reality is in the process of living through a contentious and nasty divorce. This was seen as being disingenuous from my friends in our conversation.

Obviously then, this woman’s reality is not content. I have no idea who this person is or why she posts whatever she’s posting, but in general, it got me thinking of the tone of my own blog.

I’ve come to realize, as I’ve gotten older, that the idea of a perfect marriage, or a perfect family, a perfect life, a perfect job simply doesn’t exist. People are flawed and as such the notion of “perfection” is impossible. In relation to any social media, it comes back to the original purpose of posting things for the world to witness. In my case, I started this blog in order to write every day. The goal for me, is to make a commitment, follow through, improve, learn, produce and as a by-product of that, to be more present in my life. As I suffer from depression, my few words could very easily turn dark and foreboding. There are times that I allow a mellow version of meloncholy to visit spanishwoods, but for the most part, I keep it positive. I have every reason in the world to be positive, to be thankful, to be fully present in my life and writing keeps me mindful of that every day.

I don’t know why people portray “perfect” lives on social media, but I honestly don’t care. The bottom line is, we’re all seeking happiness and comfort and a place of peace, however that may be obtained.

I have a wonderful, flawed, perfectly imperfect, happy and bittersweet life, as many do. So for now, I’m going to stick to small snippets of words and images to remind myself (and anyone else out there that wants to come along for the ride) of the beauty that lays around us and deeply within us all.