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A Grey September Day

photo by Sylvia

On a mid-September morning, we took a walk along the river. It was a southwestern Pennsylvania grey day, a black and white morning, a monochromatic mind set. My worries tread on the hamster wheel of thoughts inside of my head, churning, stumbling, exhaustingly futile. In the distance, a great blue heron stands regally, barely recognizable, probably scouting his breakfast. The pup and I watch the water flow towards the city, and experience a strange vertigo for an instant, a letting go, a weightless sensation that passes quickly and momentarily knocks the worries from my mental track giving me enough time to hold onto other thoughts—the soft clouds, the bridge in the distance, the lushness of the trees, the temporary silence. I slow my breathing and pet the pup, “let’s go girl”, I say and walk gently forward.

Observed at the Marsh in One Day

heron on the marsh spring
photo by Sylvia

9:00 am
Two mallard ducks
Five small turtles
One hawk circling directly above– its shadow lingering
goldfinches, robins, mourning doves, red-winged black birds and sparrows

12:00 pm
Three canada geese
Four small turtles
Two turkey vultures soaring on the warm wind currents
One blue jay screeching in the brambles
robins, mourning doves, red-winged black birds and sparrows

4:00 pm
One blue heron
Two enormous mating turtles
One fish jumping above the water
red-winged black birds and sparrows

8:30 pm
Thirteen canada geese flying in a “v” formation
a scamper in the brush and then a splash (beaver? another turtle?)
red-winged black birds and sparrows

and us–
the pup and me walking by the marsh in one day