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Excerpt from the Foreword of: Mariposas Nocturnas

image of photo collection from Mariposas Nocturnas

Though they crawl on the gilded borders of illuminated manuscripts from another time, often seen as marginalia, I see moths as living oracles who do not speak but quietly land on the surface of things, often as a disturbance calling our attention to the importance of all that is hidden.

excerpt from the Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams in the volume of photography entitled, Mariposas Nocturnas by Emmit Gowin, 2017

Excerpt from: Birds of America

illustration from Birds of America

An exquisite cup, less than two inches across, of felted plant, fern or dandelion-seed down, covered so perfectly with moss and lichens and fastened with spider webs as to appear a mere protuberance on the limb, and lined with a layer of the finest down.

from Birds of America, 1936 – Garden City Publishing Company, Inc.

illustration from Birds of America
pages from Birds of America