23 thoughts on “Excerpt from: French Braid”

  1. True on the marriage quate. Beautiful photo. I like the juxtaposition between the blossoms and the ivy. Perfect!


    1. I discounted this photo when I first took a look at it because it felt rather chaotic, with everything in focus. I couldn’t get a good feeling about this composition so I just filed it in my “photos” folder on my desktop. But when I read this quote (which I really love), I thought of this photo immediately. So I thank you for the compliment on it Tim, especially since you take such stunning shots that I really admire.

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      1. yes. I just spent a very long time making the backgrounds blurry of some selected photos (with the help of my nephew and my sister in law) because the compositions were so jarring. It softened them considerably. I don’t have the right equipment to compensate for depth of field within the shot. And, I normally don’t need to be so persnickety, but in this particular case, retouching these images was crucial and it seriously took any ounce of joy out of the process. I’m not a fan of photoshop.

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      2. Have you looked at Affinity Photo? It’s more intuitive and easier to use than PS. On1 makes editing easy, also. Affinity Photo is a great value. No subscription. On1 is a bit higher priced and you can get either perpetual licenses or subscriptions.

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  2. An exuberant photo… the contrast between plants almost looks photoshopped, but I know it isn’t. Yes, true about marriages… many seasons over the years. 🙂


    1. No it isn’t. That’s interesting that you think it looks photoshopped, I thought it lacked a central focus and had “rejected” it after I looked at it on the computer. But it came to mind when I ran across this quote. In any case, this book is a really lovely read. If you enjoy Anne Tyler, it’s really classic.

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