24 thoughts on “Weeds and Flowers”

  1. For sure. Lovely flowers on the rocks. Out here in the high desert where we get less than 8 inches of rain a year, the City of Albuquerque nannies residents about water conservation. People move out here from wetter areas and plant lawns. The problem with lawns in the desert is it takes the equivalent of 40 inches of precipitation a year to keep a lawn green. Currently, we are getting close to zero precipitation. I have friends who planted low water use wildflowers where people usually have lawns. They were cited by the city for violating the weed ordinance. Go figure!

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    1. Well, that makes no sense! I cannot imagine living somewhere with such little rain. As much as I love the forested greens of Pennsylvania, I also can appreciate the majestic beauty of the desert.

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    1. Roger, I tried 2 times to respond to you on your site and for some reason, my comment wouldn’t go through.
      Yes, I totally agree that the small things in life are the most treasured. 🙂

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