Excerpt from the Foreword of: Mariposas Nocturnas

image of photo collection from Mariposas Nocturnas

Though they crawl on the gilded borders of illuminated manuscripts from another time, often seen as marginalia, I see moths as living oracles who do not speak but quietly land on the surface of things, often as a disturbance calling our attention to the importance of all that is hidden.

excerpt from the Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams in the volume of photography entitled, Mariposas Nocturnas by Emmit Gowin, 2017

19 thoughts on “Excerpt from the Foreword of: Mariposas Nocturnas”

      1. Yes. Environmental issues and feminist issues. A sort of Rachel Carson of Utah with a spiritual calling. (Rachel Carson is very big in Pittsburgh because she attended Chatham University and was from the Pittsburgh area) Not the same, but you understand my meaning.

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  1. How lovely to read these words of Terry Tempest Williams’s, Sylvia, thank you. I was introduced to her recently from another blogger’s site, and with this excerpt you’ve presented, now I really do have to find more of her writing. Thank you. Your first image here is beautiful and intriguing.


    1. She is such a fascinating woman! I haven’t read her books as much as I’ve read about her, the person, the activist. The foreword to this book of photographs is so beautiful, just perfect for these amazing images.

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    1. I love it so very much. This book was gifted to me for Christmas by my son, Wolfgang who enjoys photography and has a great eye for it as well. The book is really a great treasure, as Gowin’s photography is a such a thing of beauty and awe. I believe you would enjoy it Eliza.

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  2. What a gorgeous book. Butterflies and moths are my favorite of all God’s (and evolution’s) creations. And what a beautiful statement in the forward by a brilliant nature observer and writer. Intriguing image of oracles who do not speak but who nonetheless teach and reveal truth to our understandings.


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