34 thoughts on “The Portal Hour”

      1. Yes, I break it for a couple days and then I’m back again. But it’s not always bad, I get some work done, some reading and some writing. Always look on the bright side of life……(humming and whistling here)

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  1. This is amazing, I love the slender figures that could be from anywhere in the galaxy! They remind me of the old movie called AI Artificial Intelligence that was made many years ago. ❤️


      1. If I awaken, I use the bathroom, the cat gets kibble, I get a snack, this time of year I stoke the fire, then go back to bed and read ’til I feel sleepy again. Resistance is futile, so I go with it! 😀


  2. Hi Sylvia. Ooh, that photo is both beautiful and unnerving at once. I love alien imagery, and these remind me so. Cool to see sculptures/art situated in nature.
    Yep, 3am is a bit magical isn’t it, and 3.33am… take a deep breath (whether awake or asleep!)


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