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A Week of Excerpts: 2

fog on the river w blue poles
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

“I bury my face in the pillow that smells of must and damp. Its cotton slip is as cold as marble. It is only here, alone and in the dark, that I can allow those thoughts some rein. Thoughts that come from nowhere, from dreams, taking me delirious hostage. I long for sleep again, because only in sleep can I slip the bonds of what is possible and right. But as I have found so often in life, what you truly long for eludes you.”

from the book, The Tenderness of Wolves, by Stef Penney

A Week of Excerpts: 1

ohio pyle 3 bkwh
photo by Sylvia

“Arthur had urged her to plunge her feet in a deep, swiftly running mountain stream to feel the rhythm of the water. Something about the proper young scholar suggested that he was not the free spirit he seemed to be. Georgia had kept her stockings on.”

from the book, O’Keeffe & Stieglitz, An American Romance, by Benita Eisler

Random Thoughts

rice lake dock ws
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

i think about the complexity of life
after a difficult conversation
and the simplicity of life after watching a goldfinch;
but then, i spot two mourning doves mating in the grass,
and watch them become startled by a dog
barking at a darting dragon fly–
simplicity melts into cause and effect, the chain reaction tripping a switch in my head that makes me look up at the day opening before me and quietly walk away