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a thread of inconsequential actions

winter sky and water docks
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

a photograph trips a memory
deep swells of longing overwhelm me
a cigarette is lit
coffee is sipped
the sun warms the backs of red-winged black birds as they fly across the water–
i hear the screech of a blue jay
and watch the sparrows flee the bench
the pup growls at a point in the distance
and i shield my tired eyes to get a better look

Winter drive

afternoon in the woods w path.jpg
photo by Sylvia

In the afternoons when i drive along the wooded path, I turn the music off and lower the windows. I want to hear the deer run across the woods, the leaves crunching beneath their black hooves. I want to see the hawk as it glides onto a lower branch, scanning the ground for small creatures. My breath becomes visible inside the car, the pup wimpers; my tires crush the ice with satisfying cracks and I drive on with the frigid silence embedded in my bones.