Curious Things

rat tracks
photo by Sylvia

rat tracks or an opossum? (either one brings me wonder)
everything looks beautiful in the afternoon sun
tiny air plants, not in water, not in soil
the gauzy sun behind a thick layer of winter clouds
six does grazing in the early evening snow
two woodpeckers and a blue jay screeching at each other

window ledge2
photo by Sylvia

7 thoughts on “Curious Things”

    1. Could be but the line from the tail looks like a long, slim tail, and the haunches mark at the end seems a little boney for a rabbit. But it very well could be, who knows? I just love to find these markings in the snow. Very curious.


  1. An opossum’s tracks has a five-toe print from its front paws and a child-like print from its rear paws. More likely from a field mouse. You may need to have a cat, or cats, on duty soon.


    1. Yes, I was also thinking mouse or rat. As long as they aren’t inside of my house, I’m ok with it all. The woods has many creatures that come to visit, or maybe they think I’m visiting. Which is only fair since I haven’t lived here for very long!


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