River Sounds


photo by Wolfgang Stearns
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

Sometimes I lay in the loft and hear the water hit the docks.
The boats sway and their bumpers whine.
Ducks call out with protesting quacks and geese
continue their conversation in mid-flight.
I’ll miss you when we leave, dear river;
but will keep your sounds buried deep in my peaceful heart.

My thoughts as I photograph a wall

photo by Sylvia
photo by Sylvia

I am struck by the teal color of the wall and the texture of galvanized steel. I am moved by the glint on the screw and remember learning it was called a “philip’s head”. Thinking about my husband Philip, I wonder how his flight was to San Francisco. Recalling the seafood we ate in California on our last trip, I contemplate what to make for dinner. While deciding to drive to the market for shrimp and walking away from the wall, I notice an older woman staring at me quizically.

thoughts from the forest

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