Crows in the Snow

juliet with snow and trees
photo by Sylvia

in the blue light of dawn, the snow fell silently on branches,
the crows called to one another
and to me–
after watching them from the window with warm coffee in my hands and hopefulness in my heart,
the pup and i joined their play, like restless children after a long sickness, the cold and the drifting snow saturating us with reckless abandon

crows in the snow
photo by Sylvia

17 thoughts on “Crows in the Snow”

  1. Crows, not only are they tricksters, they’re very smart. When they fly, they’re not darting about like the smaller birds. They know where they are going. Also, when West Nile thinned the local population considerably, back in 2003-04, they seemed to know where they could go to take refuge.


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