12 thoughts on “Lately in Images”

    1. My daughter and I were eating at a tiny Thai restaurant and that geranium plant was in the window right next to my chair. The way the light looks through the overlapping petals was what attracted me. And the color, to see that beautiful soft pink in our almost completely grey world here in Pennsylvania right now was such a welcome sight.

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  1. We’ve had our share of gray (or grey) too, which doesn’t bother me much. What has bothered is the indoor chill over the past few weeks. It becomes less noticeable when the furnace cycles on. Hopefully, spring’s arrival will change all of that.


    1. Normally the lack of sun doesn’t affect me in a negative way like I know it does other people, but this year I’m having a harder time. Right, that chill is hard to get rid of once you get it.


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