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Happy Christmas

photo of PPG Christmas Tree in Pittsburgh, PA by Wolfgang Stearns

These are difficult and trying times. I’ve had very little to say in the past several months, so this tiny blog has been quiet. Today I send out thoughts of hope, of peace, of healing, and of health for all. Be well my friends, Happy Christmas and Feliz Ano Nuevo.

Con todo mi Carino – Sylvia

photo by Sylvia

An Evening in July

geese on lake
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

i sit on the balcony and watch the boats and the barges,
the goldfinches and the swallows,
a baby robin who is being fed by its mother,
flags waving in the breeze–
the dog sniffs the warm air,
a heron swoops toward the marsh,
the geese congregate,
bees circle my glass of sherry,
a man stands on a paddle board and struggles against a strong wake,
the sun sets gently


photo by Wolfgang Stearns
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

I want to be an open vessel for otherwise unthought thoughts;
a tranquil glass of tequila, ready to be injusted and enjoyed.
A single rain drop or snowflake or tear stain or puddle splash;
content to have had one moment in the sun.
I want to be the echo of swallow calls in a cave;
light refracted from window to wall;
diamonds reflected from stilled waters.