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A Smell

pine cones
photo by Sylvia

i picked the pine cones and carried the smell on my hands the rest of the day
and it reminded me of that time when we were young and we played by the swings
where your grandfather killed the big snake and my grandmother made us lunch,
we ate our lunch by the pines behind my house and i could taste the smell of those trees on my toast and carried it with me through that day, through my life and into today, 40 eternal years later

Blue Panasonic

photo/editing by Sylvia
photo/design editing by Sylvia

On a small Ohio farm in the 1970’s, my cousins fixed Ford Mustangs in a musty old garage. A round blue transistor radio played a rock AM station while they worked and laughed and sometimes fought.

There was corn being grilled outside for dinner and bonfires burning bright on summer nights.

I shelled sweet peas in the yard with my great-grandmother and for every pea I’d throw into the bowl, three others were eaten.

There was long hair all around, a motorcycle buzzing and the James Gang playing softly in the background. There was a pool table in the basement and sometimes basketball was played on a tattered hoop.

The soft pillows on  outdoor wicker had brown, orange and green squares.

A short time ago I walked into a dark, antique shop on a dusty city street and saw a radio gleaming on a shelf. Memories washed over me in huge, sheltering waves.