Blue Panasonic

photo/editing by Sylvia
photo/design editing by Sylvia

On a small Ohio farm in the 1970’s, my cousins fixed Ford Mustangs in a musty old garage. A round blue transistor radio played a rock AM station while they worked and laughed and sometimes fought.

There was corn being grilled outside for dinner and bonfires burning bright on summer nights.

I shelled sweet peas in the yard with my great-grandmother and for every pea I’d throw into the bowl, three others were eaten.

There was long hair all around, a motorcycle buzzing and the James Gang playing softly in the background. There was a pool table in the basement and sometimes basketball was played on a tattered hoop.

The soft pillows on  outdoor wicker had brown, orange and green squares.

A short time ago I walked into a dark, antique shop on a dusty city street and saw a radio gleaming on a shelf. Memories washed over me in huge, sheltering waves.


16 thoughts on “Blue Panasonic”

  1. We had one of these in bright yellow with a small beaded chain. I listened to all the great pop songs from the early 70’s on that radio. Casey Kasum every weekend.


  2. My sister had one of those when I was growing up in the ’70s. I remember it perfectly. I wonder if she still has it.


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