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Random Thoughts

rice lake dock ws
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

i think about the complexity of life
after a difficult conversation
and the simplicity of life after watching a goldfinch;
but then, i spot two mourning doves mating in the grass,
and watch them become startled by a dog
barking at a darting dragon fly–
simplicity melts into cause and effect, the chain reaction tripping a switch in my head that makes me look up at the day opening before me and quietly walk away

Favorite Things

blue rice lake
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

coffee in the morning
summer sunrise
the blue hour of dusk
fireball cinnamon whiskey
acoustic Spanish guitar
finding pressed flowers in old books
the moment before falling asleep
this book of poetry: The Art of Drowning, by Billy Collins
blue bandanas
cool quartz crystals in my hands
this Irish folk song: Mrs. McGrath, early 1800’s
watching hawks fly
lillies of the valley in a tiny vase
the sound of my kids laughing