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A New Day

branches against winter sky
photo by Sylvia

This morning i walked outside and saw two mourning doves in the trees. There was also an uncharacteristically quiet blue jay flying about. It was early, the mist was rising from the snow. The sky was a light grey that contrasted with the tree silhouettes; nearly brutal in its definition.

It is a new day, what shall we make of it?

Thanksgiving Break

one leaf with sun
photo by Sylvia

I’ll be taking a small break for the upcoming American holiday of Thanksgiving. Along the subject of thanksgiving, I want to say thank you to everyone who visits and follows spanishwoods. My purpose for blogging was to be “held accountable” to write and to write on an almost daily basis. What I didn’t expect was the kind words and the pleasure it gives me to know that some folks find the brief thoughts I put together with images even remotely interesting. Thank you for those kind words and thank you for your interest.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

path in the woods
photo by Sylvia