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A Smell

pine cones
photo by Sylvia

i picked the pine cones and carried the smell on my hands the rest of the day
and it reminded me of that time when we were young and we played by the swings
where your grandfather killed the big snake and my grandmother made us lunch,
we ate our lunch by the pines behind my house and i could taste the smell of those trees on my toast and carried it with me through that day, through my life and into today, 40 eternal years later

Your Vision

photo by Wolfgang Stearns
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

Your path will take unforseen turns. Keep walking, use a stick for support and make some noise in the forest. You will trip and become tired, but remember to look around at the velvet moss, the tiny mushrooms, the hidden snake, the baby chipmunk. Not everyone takes the same path, and not everyone walks at the same pace.
Honor your own journey and keep in time with your vision.