13 thoughts on “Howl”

    1. Years ago I practiced yoga and we learned an exercise called the “lion” where we all growled. I thought it seemed silly at the time, but it also felt great letting yourself growl. So perhaps howling is much like growling.

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  1. The tones and movement of your picture and words are pure emotion. With your desire for howling, it reminded me to Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola.


    1. Oh yes, I read that years ago. The wolf is my favorite animal and I’ve always felt a connection to the “howl”. The coyotes out west howl magnificently at night. Although we have a lone coyote here in my woods right behind my house, I have never heard him howl and suspect the neighbors would be even more alarmed to hear him howl than to hear me howl.

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