10 thoughts on “Lately”

  1. you remind me I bought that book and haven’t read it yet, so pulled it off the shelf…. you made me smile remembering that song for so long – yet so short – ago! Chevy Van…. sure takes me back. But… Maine Coon Cats?


    1. I was painting a shelf the other day and that song came on 94.5, 70’s at 7:00. And I instantly knew all the words and loved every minute of hearing it again. Since then, I can’t get it out of my mind! And yes, there are several Maine Coon Cats that wander around the woods here and are beautiful, but slightly intimidating since they’re larger than regular cats. One has a collar and tag, but I’ve been startled a couple times by them.

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    1. The Paper Garden is a really great read, I highly recommend it. I’m also inspired by people (especially women) who find new paths (especially creative ones) later in life. Thank you for your encouragement! 🙂

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