13 thoughts on “In my reading and dreaming and doing pile:”

      1. George Mikes, “How to be a Brit”. It’s an old book made up of a few books (How to be an Alien etc) written by a foreigner in UK. I was recently given it, and it is hilarious! 🙂


    1. The Jhumpa Lahiri book is a short story collection. And I’m very glad I didn’t know that when I bought it at a book sale at the library because I’m not a huge fan of short stories. But I’m very much enjoying it because I think she’s a brilliant writer. So, I highly recommend that.

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      1. I have read a lot of books (autobios/biographies) recently featuring New Zealand artists (plus a fabulous one about Georgia O’Keeffe) but I’m actually on a waiting list at the library for Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” aka “The Enormous Wait”. 250 people want to read it too! I’m now at 75 on the list so moving up the ladder. :-). Dx


    1. I requested Big Magic for Christmas and really loved it. I’m now in the habit of giving most of my books away once I read them, but that one I kept. I hope you like it. I think she’s wonderful.

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      1. Sorry – only just saw this now! I’m looking forward to reading it. I’ve listened to a lot of her pod-casts which I’ve really enjoyed. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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