41 thoughts on “Weeds”

      1. It’s interesting how many people have expressed that sentiment responding to this post. When I voiced it at the greenhouse I was met with some shaking of heads. The general “shabbiness” of the place made me like it so much. But, that very same thing had the opposite effect on one of my companions.

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  1. What is a weed anyway…
    Something growing where somebody doesnt want it to. To everyone else its ok where it is.

    A rose growing in a field of corn is a weed.

    Now theres a photo…

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  2. Red Clover is considered a healing herb. It has many uses including balancing estrogen in women, especially menopausal women. And it’s a liver cleanser. I take a red clover extract every day. Plus I love finding 4-leaf clovers.


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