greenhouse and grounds

top of greenhouse
photo by Sylvia

it wasn’t the glass ceiling
that was so infinitely appealing,
or the greens or the pinks
or the deep porcelain sinks–
it was the shabby
and the rough
and the marks and the scuffs
and the weeds and small seeds
and the rambling reeds–
it was the crumbling paint
and the rust and the faint
outline and shadow of the earth laying fallow
that i liked and understood

24 thoughts on “greenhouse and grounds”

    1. Thank you Ruth. This greenhouse is located at Clayton, the Henry Clay Frick Mansion off Penn Avenue in Point Breeze. I’m positive that the rough around the edges appearance might turn some people off, but I find it very beautiful.

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      1. It’s about two miles from my home! I know one of the men who does the landscaping there. Cool. I like the rough myself.


    2. I love it there. In the spring things look a little rough, but they do a beautiful job on the grounds. The gardens had not been planted yet, it looks like a big job. It’s cool that you can walk there! We used to go to the Friday night concerts in the summer. Haven’t done that in a long while. Maybe I’ll see you there one day!

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