35 thoughts on “A love of snow”

  1. Great reasons to love snow! I know I sure don’t want to drive in it or shovel it either…and I am not coordinated enough for skiing, ha!


    1. Upon reading your comment again, I saw it in another way (perhaps the way you intended) and seeing the snowflakes dancing and playing while the snow falls is so beautiful. I pictured myself falling, which is a common occurrence, and thought that was funny. Years ago when my son was little, he told his grandmother that the leaves were dancing on the streets. I never forgot the beauty of that thought. This reminded me again of that after my second read. Thank you for that reminder.

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  2. Although I used to warmer climate by now, I do miss the snow occasionally, specially during Christmas time…
    What a beautiful poem,it puts you in a right mood straight away! 🙂


  3. I couldn’t agree more – loved it yesterday! Still enjoying – but by March – we’ll be so over it! 🙂 Wonderful to cherish each moment. Stay warm my friend! 🙂 Your poem warmed my heart.

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  4. Howdy: Great post and thank you for the like on, Another day ar the Feeder. You posted the image on my birthday … 72! I love snow but the cold all but cripples me. (like i’m the only one, right?)


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