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i wonder

la sunset
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

the years roll on,
one in front of the other,
and i wonder
if you still smoke those short cigarettes
and close your eyes gently with the first hit of dark spanish tobacco,
if you paint at an open sea-facing window,
if you drink your coffee sweet and midnight black,
if you ever,
do you ever,
let yourself remember…

A Week of Excerpts: 1

ohio pyle 3 bkwh
photo by Sylvia

“Arthur had urged her to plunge her feet in a deep, swiftly running mountain stream to feel the rhythm of the water. Something about the proper young scholar suggested that he was not the free spirit he seemed to be. Georgia had kept her stockings on.”

from the book, O’Keeffe & Stieglitz, An American Romance, by Benita Eisler

Roman and Juliet

photo by Sylvia

They run like lightning, with Juliet throwing her entire body on his, mid-run. He is strong and gives it back. They use their teeth in light biting or “mouthing”, never clamping down to cause pain. Occassionally, Juliet will snap at Roman, he either ignores her or snaps (in a much kinder way) in return, which makes her back away and take a break. They separate while playing and seek shade and distance. Then they come together again and the chasing and body slamming resumes. Sometimes they just lay together and rest.

Watching them play is one of my greatest pleasures and it makes me understand how much i have yet to understand.

photo by Sylvia