29 thoughts on “A Little List of Things I Like”

    1. a complete woman… that is very kind Anita, I’m not sure however, that depends on the definition of complete. I am deeply flawed and contradictory, a lover of language most especially profanity, a drinker of whiskey and a smoker of midnight cigarettes, spiritual without a dogma, prone to the intellectual with a deep love of the rural (rusted cars in fields, hunting dogs, shelling peas on porches). I think we should all be respectful to our fellow humans and would kill without reserve anyone who threatened my children. Just so that you do not think I am mis-representing myself, I give you this glimpse. Maybe this is a complete woman, I have no idea.

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    1. Jet, whenever I write these little lists I always think, “who would care about this?” and then I remember that you’ve said you like these lists and I think, “at least one person: Jet.” ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for always being interested.

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