Excerpt from the book: Smile

photo by Sylvia

“And so I’ve grown to love the syllables in the word maybe. Today my head is full of maybes. Maybe healing is not linear. Maybe there is no one health care savior but many patient practitioners. Maybe the long haul is longer than anticipated. Maybe, a nap is in order. Maybe writing down your story helps. “

from the book, Smile by Sarah Ruhl, 2021


23 thoughts on “Excerpt from the book: Smile”

    1. I enjoyed this book so very much, highly recommend. I think Sarah Ruhls’ writing is just so extraordinary; beautiful, knowledgable and insightful…
      This image was taken on a walk on the edge of Frick Park, the largest city park in Pittsburgh about 7 minutes from my house. It spans over 600 acres.

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      1. I shall have to add her to my extremely long “To Read” list. Her name is familiar to me but I’ve not read her, as far as I can remember.
        How wonderful to have such a lovely park so close to home!


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