23 thoughts on “Recently”

  1. Those columbines are exquisite. I live in southwest Colorado and columbines (Colorado’s state flower) proliferate up in the mountains near here. However, I’ve never seen pink columbines before. Gorgeous, words and photography both. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for your kind compliment. But now I am wishing I would have taken a larger shot of all the Columbine at the garden shop on that thundering and rainy afternoon. There were a huge varieties of pinks and purples, white with purple, orange and deeper orange in the center, they were quite stunning but this one with the varying shades of pink caught my eye. They are such a lovely flower.

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      1. I’ve seen and photographed plenty of purple and white columbines in the wild over the years in this area, as well as some occasional red ones (smaller, oddly shaped blooms which don’t resemble ordinary columbines). Every time I see a columbine I have to stop and admire it. Favorite flower and all that. πŸ™‚


  2. A charming and accepting look at life in the moment, Sylvia. Lovely to see the perky fresh columbines. I only had a minute to peruse posts before I start my day, and I knew whatever you had here it would be a delight. Sending a smile of thanks your way….


  3. I’m really thinking about the books in the crock. Square pegs in a round hole. A vessel holding old wisdom you can pour out and imbibe. Faded red and ceramic ever-white. Zany book storage. Intentionally inefficient packing leaving round empty space that invokes pleasant sighs and freedom, room to feel. Books ready to be served to a human ready to receive. Don’t pour milk in the jar.

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  4. Really interesting photographs, Sylvia. I particularly liked the lantern in the old birdbath. I wondered if the birds still visit the birdbath expecting to find water there. The columbines are beautifulβ€”what a vibrant colour. I don’t see many of those where I live. However, I did pass a striking wild purple foxglove on my way home from my appointment in town today. I wish now that I’d have stopped to take a photo. Sorry, I’ve missed a few of your posts recently, but I had to go into hospital for an operation and am still recovering now. Take care. Ellie x 😘


  5. The old books look like they have been companions for a long, long time Sylvia, as in part of a series. Charming flower picture. Raindrops always as a touch of elegance. –Curt


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