18 thoughts on “Love”

    1. I don’t know. I wish I could say these are my roses, but they aren’t. My daughter and I were walking on the South Side of Pittsburgh yesterday and came upon these lovely roses growing on a row house. They were so beautiful. But “New Dawn” sounds like a perfect name!

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    1. Well, I started posting on instagram many years ago and then I just stopped. Very recently, I’ve started posting again, so it’s rather a new thing for me, but I am enjoying just shooting randomly and not connecting the images to words (as I usually do). Also, I’d like to post more images of my illustrations, so we’ll see how it goes. I followed you back John…those Vegas skies are just so wonderful. 🙂

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      1. Thank you for following! IG can be lots of fun, but sometimes your comment draws in the haters. I just block them, it would be great to do this on WP, wouldn’t it?


      2. I have to say I don’t get haters on my site and it’s probably because I don’t post controversial things. Which I don’t mean to imply is good or bad, I just reserve this space for peace. I want my site to be a safe space of peace. And there are times, like this week, where I really have no words because the sadness of the moment is so very great. In my infinitesimally small way, I try to provide this tiny virtual pocket of quiet. With words and images, just a couple seconds or minutes of quiet. But back to your original question, I thought there was a way to block comments on WP. I must be mistaken. It would be upsetting to me to receive negativity here in this space.

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  1. They’re beautiful roses. So delicate too. My Mum had some roses just like that in her back garden when she was alive. She said they were very old and had been found in that garden when my parents moved there in 1958! So, a long, long time ago. They were exquisitely perfumed too. I’ll never forget them and wonder if they’re still growing at that house after all this time. I’ll never know. I wonder what variety your roses in the photo are. X

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