16 thoughts on “What holds my attention”

      1. I’ve been struggling against my worsening depression. Which I suppose the entire rest of the world has been doing as well. I’ve always had a very small attention span and I’m sure I have ADD. So when I have episodes of deep depression everything intensifies, including my lack of attention to anything. I seem to focus on things like, colors and shadows and abstract things like that as opposed to conversations about politics or paying bills or discussions about food or clothes or marketing campaigns for my work. None of it matters to me right now. I just like the way the snow sparkles or the shape of a gear on a pipe, that’s what’s interesting to me right now.


      2. That must be such a struggle for you, I’m sorry you’re going through this challenge, Sylvia. It is good that you know where you are sparked, esp. by the beauty of nature. A part of you is calling you to heal, good to follow its lead. ❤

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The woodlands speak sensible thought if we only listen. Emotional ups and downs go with the territory of being a poet. As writers, we feel more. I hope the sunshine will come out soon and bless your day!


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