9 thoughts on “Lately”

    1. This insect was startling to me but then also very interesting. He stayed with us for quite a few days in different spots. I imagine he’s very hard to see in a leafy, green environment. I used to covet this “invisibility” and now I have it and for the most part, it’s actually great. Blending in can be quite calming.

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  1. “laughter that soars like paper airplanes” With particularly long flights being the best kind! 🙂 Also really liked “dreams that hang about like languid strings.”


    1. Did you ever have a dream that just stayed with you all day? Sometimes that can be good, and sometimes not so good. I couldn’t shake the “feeling” from my dream no matter what I did. Frustrating when it’s a negative. And yes, laughter with a friend, always just such a good thing. 🙂


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