Thoughts at the window

pinkish forest
photo by Sylvia

I stand at the kitchen window on a winter afternoon when the sun is fading and the pink light reflects on the snow; soft, cottony pink and mauve with a blue tinge at the edges. I want to paint it, memorize it, eat it, inhale it, this tranquil light. As it grows darker, my reflection begins to materialize on the glass. Eventually, Iโ€™m left standing at the window facing an inky blue background behind the mirror image of my face, which looks old and tired; time has not been kind. But on this evening, it doesnโ€™t matterโ€“I am fortified by the light and the glow and the soft and graceful exit of the sacred winter sun.

29 thoughts on “Thoughts at the window”

  1. I stand at the door, looking out at a fresh blanket of snow. I have to shovel it, put salt down the walk areas, and clean off the vehicle. Consequently, my lets are tired and my back aches; this snowstorm is kicking my butt. However, I am not worried much because I know Summer is coming.


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