Summer Love

strawberries and cookbook
photo by Sylvia

garden tomatoes
early morning mist on the river
vintage books from the flea market
swiss chard with red wine vinegar
midnight talks on the balcony
glenn campbell, eric clapton and blackfoot
hard lemonade
the pup in the car with an open window
this book: A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life, by Mary Randolph Carter
dave brubeck, a cigarette and the blowing wind

11 thoughts on “Summer Love”

  1. Your lovely lists of beauties, sw, like this special summer one, have inspired me to think, at the end of the day, of all the things I experienced that were beautiful. Thank you.


    1. That’s a good thing to do Jet. I have a tendency to concentrate on all the things that are “wrong” and focus on the negative. Making lists like this make me realize that there is so very much in our lives that is right and beautiful. Thank you for reaching out to me and telling me that my random lists inspired you. That really means a lot to me.

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  2. Awe! What beautiful memories you have stirred in my heart. What lovely times, good music that will never be forgotten, the smell of the market fruits and vegis, the puppy….all the true things that live with us and what summer should always be like.
    Thank you


  3. I still have my old BC cookbook, bought in the 1960s, worn out but a great treasure full of memories. And recipes that make me gasp with horror. Did I really make and eat THAT?…..😟


    1. So funny. The illustrations and photos are fantastic. It fills me with pleasure. It opens with advice for the housewife on always trying to look nice and keeping a clean home. The earnestness always gets me. I loved finding this edition from 1961. I had a later edition that had been greatly updated for the 1980’s and I’ve used that many, many times throughout the years. You probably did make THAT, and you know what? it might have been delicious! πŸ™‚

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