old things that i like

rose in cup small
photo by Sylvia

antique roses
used books
vintage postcards
weathered wood
rusty skeleton keys
brass lockets
glass marbles
tea stained letters
beeswax candles
cracked tea cups
silent movies
old sparkling beads
hand made lace
sea glass
vinyl records
pocket watches
worn cowboy boots
working window shutters
woven baskets
cursive writing

26 thoughts on “old things that i like”

  1. I am so much with you on this one, Sylvia. Our Daughter-in-law, BTW, gathers sea glass and turns it into jewelry. We’ve been with her on some of her hunting expeditions for the glass. Some fun. –Curt


      1. It’s quite beautiful. Up until now, Cammie has been gathering the glass on Kodiak Island in Alaska where our son, Tony, has been flying rescue helicopters for the Coast Guard. They are now heading for Connecticut where Tony will be working with cadets at the Coast Guard Academy. Cammie is hoping she can find sea glass along the Atlantic. –Curt


  2. beautiful, so soft and lovely is your photograph Sylvia. I enjoyed your list and think we all, would benefit, from emulating what you have done here. it creates such a inviting and wonderful ambience, that is so opposite of the chaos of work and daily life. I thoroughly enjoyed this πŸ™‚ cheers, Debi


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