22 thoughts on “This moment: 9 am driving the kids to school today”

    1. I knew this moment would come John. The moment when you would be happy to see my pictures of a near white-out and happier still that you’re not anywhere near this. I do love the snow, but it was a difficult drive this morning and I was wishing to be out West!


  1. Wow, you can hardly see to drive! And they didn’t cancel school? I would be a nervous mess trying to navigate through that. Yes, you are courageous!


    1. There was a 2 hour delay this morning, but they didn’t cancel. The school is actually right behind those trees. I shot this out my window as I was pulling out of the long road next to it. It’s a ten minute drive from home and it took me an hour and a half round trip in 4 wheel drive. I drove with the windows down and shot pictures out the window while listening to Counting Crows and petting the puppy in the passenger seat. All in all, it was ok!

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    1. I have a wonderful car that’s 17 years old. It’s great in the snow and ice. Mostly I worry about other drivers hitting me, not me losing control. Everyone drives very slowly and it’s usually ok, just a little nerve racking.

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    1. I was on a suburban road so everyone was driving very slowly. It was tense, but not so tense that I wasn’t listening to music softly and shooting photos. It was ok to drive in carefully and in four wheel drive. I heard later that many people had accidents on the highway. The speed limit on the highways was reduced to 40. I was driving around 10, so even 40 would be quite frightening.


  2. Wow that type of weather is so foreign to me in Brisbane Australia, but on the other hand we do have driving rain and hail in summer from tropical storms on a regular basis and the occasional cyclone which can makes driving very risky. We all have our good driving days and not so good no matter which part of the world we live in and we all learn to adjust to Mother Nature which in is amazing.


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