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Taking a Long Break

bird house
photo by Sylvia

I’m taking a break from blogging. It would seem a great time to write and post new photographs since we are all spending more time at home, however, in the past month I’ve written countless posts in my head; none of which have made it to this space. I supposes it’s not surprising that at a time of worry and stress, the ability to think about small, daily observations shrink. And yet, I’m acutely aware of the fact that now would be a wonderful opportunity to concentrate on those observations with an openness of mind and spirit that allows for intense gratitude and fortitude. For me personally, I’m leaning towards stillness and maybe even some silence. I wish for you to be healthy, to stay safe in these strange and challenging times, farewell for now.

Crows in the Snow

juliet with snow and trees
photo by Sylvia

in the blue light of dawn, the snow fell silently on branches,
the crows called to one another
and to me–
after watching them from the window with warm coffee in my hands and hopefulness in my heart,
the pup and i joined their play, like restless children after a long sickness, the cold and the drifting snow saturating us with reckless abandon

crows in the snow
photo by Sylvia