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My thoughts in the middle of the night

photo by Sylvia

i think of the lantern flies hibernating in the winter
(their beauty and their destructiveness)

i think about the sculptural tree fungus
(some fungus is good and some is harmful)

i grieve the space dog, Laika
(why, why, why did they have to send her into space?)

my lost heart locket haunts me, 50 years later
(if i bought another, would it heal the longing?)

maybe some tea would be good right now
(lemon ginger or peppermint?)


In the Blue Morning

photo by Sylvia

early, in the blue morning,
with a dusting of wet snow
and bitter wind,
the crows make their way from their roost—
their cacophony of sound traveling on the falling,
thick flakes, from a height that renders them small black specks that i struggled to see, beyond the iciness that clung to my lashes


Lately: in my head

photo by Sylvia

memories of flowers — paper whites in a window, elegant, tall gladiolas, dried roses in a wooden bowl 

this song: You’re No Good, the Linda Ronstadt version

these words: petrichor (thank you Brian) and elysian

black horses in my dreams, wild dogs, the woods and snow clouds

the sound of a relentless rain on a sleepless night

winter, spring, summer and fall sunsets — how different they look and how different they feel

photo by Sylvia