In the Blue Morning

photo by Sylvia

early, in the blue morning,
with a dusting of wet snow
and bitter wind,
the crows make their way from their roostβ€”
their cacophony of sound traveling on the falling,
thick flakes, from a height that renders them small black specks that i struggled to see, beyond the iciness that clung to my lashes

26 thoughts on “In the Blue Morning”

    1. Yes, I took this image this morning. I was quietly sipping my coffee when I heard the crows and headed out the door with my camera. But I couldn’t get them. I did get the blue light which is just so beautiful on a winter morning.

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      1. I love that. Crows can be rather rambunctious! I got up rather late today and it was so grey. The sun, however has begun peeking out from the clouds so it is the incentive I need to get out there, camera in hand. Maybe I’ll see your crows!

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