Lately: in my head

photo by Sylvia

memories of flowers — paper whites in a window, elegant, tall gladiolas, dried roses in a wooden bowl 

this song: You’re No Good, the Linda Ronstadt version

these words: petrichor (thank you Brian) and elysian

black horses in my dreams, wild dogs, the woods and snow clouds

the sound of a relentless rain on a sleepless night

winter, spring, summer and fall sunsets — how different they look and how different they feel

photo by Sylvia

21 thoughts on “Lately: in my head”

  1. Thank you for letting me in your head for a moment Sylvia, a bit of an honour. Linda Ronstadt yes yes yes The feel of the seasons and a photo to help me along 🤗


  2. Sylvia, your words, your thoughts…so lovely. The woods, wild dogs, different-season sunsets…thank you for taking us along. I did not know the word “petrichor” and yet when I looked it up, I was engaged with this, too. Beautiful photos, too.


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