18 thoughts on “Walks in May (in images)”

    1. The first photo is taken at Frick Park, a municipal park about 10 minutes from my home. It’s very large and beautiful (about 600 acres) and has trails throughout. The third and fourth photos are taken in neighborhoods surrounding the park where my daughter and I walk. The faces mural is in Bedford, PA, a historic town about 100 miles from our home in Pittsburgh where we spent a very pleasant day walking around eating good food and looking at antiques and historical buildings.


  1. What a fun, interesting contrast, Sylvia. Of course I love the outdoor shots, but the faces are what caught my attention. I am a fan of gargoyles and these reminded me of how much. 🙂 Thanks. –Curt

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    1. Yes, they caught our attention as well. It was labeled “Faces of Bedford, 2016”, taken in Bedford, PA. Very interesting little town. I’d like to stay for a weekend and visit the natural springs there and also take a guided tour. We went for the day and still managed to have a really nice outing. Fun to discover little treasures like this. (the wall, and the town) 🙂


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