30 thoughts on “A Transformation”

    1. Well, that’s interesting because I wrote those words way before taking this shot, and in fact, not for the blog at all. When I took this image, it reminded me of what I had written, and so they were paired together. Thank you, as always.

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    1. Eliza, you would really like the Conservatory here in Pittsburgh. It’s stunning. I got lucky with the lighting on this shot and the 3/4 view on the chair is nice, but there would be no way to take a bad photo of such beauty. If you are ever in my city, you must visit Phipps Conservatory.


      1. Thanks, Sylvia, I will make a note of that garden.
        Years ago, I was contracted by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History for permission to use one of my photos in an educational brochure handed out to the public at their biological research center, Powdermill Nature Reserve. So now I have two places on the list to visit. 🙂

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