10 thoughts on “Winter Days”

    1. I love the way it looks too. The gray skies of Pittsburgh are wearing after weeks of no bright sun, still, I do love the snow and winter. But it’s right around the end of February and the beginning of March when I start to feel ready for the spring to arrive.

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      1. Here in Colorado, spring usually brings with it the heaviest, wettest snows. I’ve been seeing little signs that spring is inbound here, and I’m ready to welcome it.


  1. Blue skies here for now. Flowers on the verge. That doesn’t mean it won’t snow again in March. But not much.
    Sounds like cabin fever, Sylvia. I remember it well from my days in Alaska. A good photo that reflects the ‘boxed in” feeling. –Curt


    1. I think you’re right Curt, cabin fever it is. We won’t see the trees flowering for another month or two. Ah well, today the sun is shining and that makes things a little brighter. 🙂


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