Liking things

photo by Sylvia

i like blurry photos
and off-kilter horizons
i like old things and broken things
and abandoned places
i like pack bites from big dogs
and razor teeth on puppies
i like to see vultures in the fields
and crows in the sky
i like the smell of cloves burning
and the hissing sound of tabacco in a pipe
“How can you like that?”
is a sentence i’ve heard many a time–
and always, i like to hear it

13 thoughts on “Liking things”

      1. My “slight edge” comment was as vague as can be. Upon reflection, what I was struggling to articulate includes: it is ok to be different, to like things others don’t like, to feel a bit of anger and grit as you struggle for joy and equanimity, to defy convention (not necessarily out of raw rebellion, but from considered, thoughtful, deliberate orientation), to legitimize alternate points of view….. That dances around what I was thinking, and may be as close as I’ll get. Anyway, nice poem.


    1. I understood you perfectly Roger, but I appreciate your thoughts. Especially this line: “to feel a bit of anger and grit as you struggle for joy and equanimity…” Your thoughtful comment was expressed beautifully.

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